The Excel Center Academics

The Excel Center has three main pillars:

  • Academic instruction that fits the specific needs of our students
  • A focus on college and career readiness
  • A coaching program that works with students to identify barriers to their education and provides creative ways to keep students engaged in their learning


The Excel Center helps students enter career pathways such as:

  • Advanced Logistics and Manufacturing
  • Nursing Assistant (C.N.A)
  • Early Childhood Education

In the near future, The Excel Center hopes to offer additional certifications in various other industries. Career pathways prepare students for in-demand jobs and professional opportunities, especially with business partners in nearby areas.

How Students Learn

Although a portion of the credits required are attainable online, our students primarily receive face-to-face instruction in key academic subjects such as language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. The courses are designed to build skills, present material, and engage teachers and students. Since many students come to The Excel Center requiring significant support, the school provides additional resources to support unique needs. The Excel Center curriculum has four goals:

  • Teach the necessary content and skills to grant students a high school diploma
  • Develop the higher skills needed for success in modern careers
  • Teach specific courses in a career pathway to provide students with an industry certification or college credits
  • Prepare students for success in life and for active participation in their communities

Students who have demonstrated high skill levels may enroll in dual credit courses to begin their career pathway certification or post-secondary education. As long as the student is enrolled in the school, post-secondary and certification classes are paid by the school.

Earn Your High School Diploma with College and Career Readiness

In addition to earning a high school diploma, students at The Excel Center learn the general skills necessary in 21st-century workplaces. The College and Career Readiness Center ensures that all students have access to supportive staff and advanced technology that will help them achieve the education and employment skills needed to build financial self-sufficiency.

Support for the Journey: Life Coaches

Each student enrolled at The Excel Center is assigned a life coach. Our life coaches are compassionate and trained professionals who address life barriers and issues that may have caused students to drop out of high school in the past and often prevent students from feeling successful. Coaches are responsible for keeping students engaged and motivated to earn a high school diploma.


Prior to the first day of classes, all students are required to attend a one-day orientation program called iExcel. At iExcel, students are introduced to the culture of the school through team-building activities, self-reflection, and assessment of individual classroom, school, and career readiness. iExcel happens once per semester.