Our Mission.


When you commit to coming here, we commit to getting you there.

When you commit to coming here

we commit to getting you there.

The mission of The Excel Center is to provide adults the opportunity and support to earn a high school diploma and pursue post-secondary education while developing career paths that offer greater employment and career growth opportunities. Our schools “meet students where they are” in their education by providing a flexible structure and supportive relationships to help students manage work, life, and family concerns as they achieve their educational goals.

Who We Are


We are teachers who will give you the personal attention you need to succeed.

We are life coaches who cheer you on as you reach your goals.

We are allies who eliminate the fears and obstacles standing in your way.

All Conquered by The Excel Center:

Am I too old for this?

What if I have an IEP?

How will I get to school?

What if I fail?

Will I be able to keep my job?

Here’s How We Do It

We hire certified, licensed teachers who give you one-on-one attention in the classroom.

We pair you with a life coach who will listen to your goals and help you succeed.

We offer accelerated and multiple-credit class options that allow you to finish faster.

And While You’re Here, You Can Receive:

Accelerated Classes

Multiple Credits In Classes

Face-to-face Instruction with Licensed Teachers

Life Coach

College Credits and/or Career Certifications

Post High School Placement Assistance - either career or college

Free Child Care While in Class

Transportation Assistance for Those Who Qualify

Our Champions.


The Excel Center is operated by Goodwill LEADS, Inc. (Learn, Educate, Advance, and Develop Students) We couldn’t do it without them.

Goodwill LEADS, Inc. Board Members are:

Mary Pat LatowskiChair

Rolla BaumgartenVice Chair 

Juliann Jankowski, Board Member 

Joseph T. Barkman, Oaklawn Psychiatric Center, Secretary/Treasurer

Marguerite Taylor, Robinson Community Learning Center, Board Member 

Debie Coble, Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Board Member 

Louis Gonzalez, Ivy Tech Community College East Chicago, Board Member 

Mary Pat Latowski, SYM Financial Corporation, Board Member 

Ann Carol Nash, Halpin Slagh, PC, Board Member 

Anthony Allison, Crowe Horwath, Board Member